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News: FJH Choir wins at Concert and Sightreading
posted: March 13, 2012

          On Thursday, March 8, the FJH Chamber Choir and Concert Choir (Varsity and Non-Varsity Treble Choirs) traveled to Pearland JH South and competed in UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest.
          The Concert Choir received straight superior (1) ratings in the Concert Division and straight excellent (2) ratings in Sight-Reading Category. These girls have a positive attitude, great rehearsal ethic, and a sisterly bond that keeps them motivated and supportive of each other. They worked very hard and Mrs. Smith is very proud of their accomplishment.
          The Chamber Choir received straight superior (1) ratings from all judges in both the Concert and Sight-reading categories, earning them the distinction of Sweepstakes for the eighth straight year in a row. Their musicality is truly outstanding, and they set high expectations for themselves with challenging music that furthered their choral experience. Mrs. Smith is thrilled for these girls, who uphold a true tradition of excellence.
          Thanks to all parents, teachers, and colleagues that have supported our journey to UIL!

FJH Chamber Choir: (top left)
(L to R) Sevren Lab, Emily McDonald, Madison Ballard, Riki Ellard, Nadia Asgari-Tari, Aleah Thomas, Camille Hamilton, JoJo Twyford, Angel Fantasia, Christine Nguyen, Stephanie Brown, Arianna Mitchell, Miranda Hughes, Skylar McHenry, Kiersten Deschner, Noelle Zoch, Ashley Bivins, Tricia Cotter, Christy Fong, Brie Sharp, Meranda Goodwin, Elizabeth O'Donnell, Bailee Whitmarsh, Alexis Sherer, Caylee Doiron, Madison Schultz, Gina Baker, Jordan Elguezabal, Aly Goddard, Miranda Wingfield, Taren Velez (and Mazlin Massey, not pictured)

FJH Concert Choir: (top right)
(L to R) Erika Benavides, Tori McNeil, Angel Yancy, Mary Gerlach, Eveleny Plata, McKenna Kyle, Maddie Keefe, Mackenzie Harris, Sophia Hurley, Jillian Colquitt, Chelsea Sheehan, Anna Stevens, Kaysie Smith, Mayson Zimmerman, Emma Johnson, Courtney Huning, Morgan Bryan, Melissa Archer, Ally Eckhart, Evelyn Garcia, Kylee Hill, Alexis Nicholes, Chasitty Garza, Katie Arnold, Paige Sprayberry, Rosie Carlos, Kailey Price (and Jaclynn Turnbaugh, not pictured)

FJH Choir President Skylar McHenry proudly displays the Sweepstakes trophy won by the FJH Chamber Choir at UIL Concert & Sight-reading Contest, held on March 8, 2012 at Pearland JH South.