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News: Friendswood Junior High CLEAR students celebrate with lock-in event
posted: May 22, 2009

CLEAR (Clean Living Encouragement and Responsibility) members held an end-of-school lock-in celebration to cap off the second year of CLEAR at Friendswood Junior High. When asked why she came to the lock-in, Jackie Moore said, “It’s a fun thing to do, to hang out with friends and have fun for a good cause.”

This school year, FJH had 362 members compared to 288 last year and showed a 26% increase over the previous year. A remarkable 37% of FJH students are members of CLEAR and about 80 members enjoyed the lock-in celebration on Friday.  CLEAR student leader Addison Cobb summed it up by saying, “I am on the leadership team and it is my responsibility to set a good example by participating.”  Addison and Merritt Rowley spent the early part of the evening making popcorn for their classmates and serving it up with a choice of seasonings. When asked about her membership motivation, Merritt said, “I wanted to learn about the long and short term side effects of drugs and alcohol. I like learning new stuff. It’s interesting and everyone in CLEAR is close.”

Amy Peryam became a member because “drugs are stupid” and Kori Smith became a member “because I’m drug free.” Corbin Cochran came to CLEAR “because I wanted to show that drugs and alcohol for minors is not a good idea” and he came to the lock-in to “show that I am supporting the effort.”

Some students are now participating in their second year of CLEAR. Ashley Morgan said, “I thought it was a great program and it’s lots of fun. You can prove you aren’t ‘cheating’ by being a member. I found it to be a really excellent program and I came back for the second year.”

CLEAR sponsors Megan Marshall, Corey Dalton and Lindsay Hutchins helped to plan and organize multiple fun events for the lock-in including a Twister game, Karaoke, Guitar Hero, an obstacle course using Fatal Vision goggles and fresh popped popcorn with movies as well as other refreshments. When asked about why she came to the lock-in, Amy Peryam shared a final thought, “Because my motto is to keep life spontaneous.”

For more information about CLEAR, contact Lynn Shigekawa, coordinator of the Friendswood Alliance for Youth and Families at 281-482-1267, ext. 237 or